Monsoon Silent IPX4 Low Energy Fan (Product Code: MON-S100T)

Monsoon Silence White Low Energy Low Noise Axial Extractor Fan With Adjustable Timer 100mm / 4 Inch 240V


The Monsoon Silence range is the latest innovative domestic ventilation solution providing high extraction rates with low energy use and exceptionally quite running levels . The casing and impeller are made of durable high quality UV-resistant plastic, the stylish design makes the fan match well with any modern interior.

Volts at 50 Hz(V): 230
Power (W): 7.5
Current (A): 0.049
Performance (m³/Hr): 97
Sound @ 3m dB(A): 25
Weight (Kg): 0.55
IP rating: IP45

• Low noise as low as 25 dB(A) suitable for ZONE 1
• Specific fan power as low as 0.27 W/L/S
• 100 & 125mm IP45 (as long as RCD is present) , 150mm IPX4
• This fan can be used with longer duct runs due to its mix-flow impeller but ducting will effect the fan performance (see graphs)
• Long life ball bearing motors, service life 40,000 hours
• Back draught shutter as standard
• Rubber anti-vibration mounts are designed for motor vibration absorption and noise insulation
• Specially designed air flow vanes reduce air turbulence, boost air pressure and reduce noise levels
• Complete with backdraught shutters to prevent back flow and heat loss
• Complies with both Part F & L
• Standard thermal overload protection on motor


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